Wonder by Wai - a painting exhibition


Sat Feb 27th 2016
Bali, Flux Lifeground, Jl. Raya Kerobokan 88

Event Details

Starting from 27th February, Flux Lifeground will host an exhibition entitled WONDER featuring the unique works of Santy Wai Zakaria. WONDER will be Wai’s first solo exhibition and she will display more than 25 art-works including a majority of her signature oil paintings and a smattering of her digital illustrations. The exhibition will be open for viewing until 12th March from 10:00 – 18:00 (Monday – Sunday). Why is your exhibition called WONDER? “WONDER is the reason why I paint, why I embrace art and enjoy every moment of it. It is the idea of letting your curiosity lead, whether it is in your thoughts or in your actions. I believe that curiosity is the best gift anyone can give to him/herself. To wonder ‘what-will-happen-if’, to never be afraid of trying something new and to enjoy new adventures. More often than not, WONDER is the most beautiful thing in life.” Wai. Tickets: http://waisanty.com/

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