Indonesian National Holidays 2016

In 2016 there will be 15 official holidays, and 4 additional days set aside for shared holidays (cuti bersama). 

19 days have been designated "holidays" - official "days off" and "shared holidays" or "extra days off" (cuti bersama) to form long weekends.

However, Bali has some additional holy days.

See Hindu Festivals & Temple Ceremonies.

Friday January 1 New Year's Day
Monday February 8 Chinese New Year
Wednesday March 9 Hari Nyepi Cakra 1938 (Bali Day of Silence)
Friday March 25 Good Friday
Sunday May 1 International Labour Day
Thursday May 5 Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven
Friday May 6 Ascension of the Prophet Mohammad
Sunday May 22 Waisak - Birth of the Buddha
Monday July 4 Cuti Bersama - extra holiday declared by Government
Tuesday July 5 Cuti Bersama - extra holiday declared by Government
Wednesday July 6 Eid Al-Fitr
Thursday July 7
Eid Al-Fitr
Tuesday July 8 Cuti Bersama - extra holiday declared by Government
Wednesday August 17 Independence Day - revolution against the Netherlands in 1945
Monday September 12 Idul Adha
Sunday October 2 Islamic New Year - Muharram
Monday December 12 Prophet Mohammad's Birthday
Sunday December 25 Christmas Day


Nyepi is the Hindu New Year in Bali, Indonesia. The New Year is observed as a day of silence, as Nyepi symbolically represents the state of the universe before creation. Bali Hindu New Year is based on the lunar calendar. The festival is marked by numerous rituals and pujas and is spread over four days. The important rituals begin two days before Nyepi. The rituals and celebrations end the day after New Year Day.

The most important ritual associated with Nyepi is the bathing of village deities in the sea (Melasti). This is followed by a purification ritual of burning the evil (Tawur Kesanga). Then comes Nyepi, a day of silence; the final day is dedicated to prayers and meetings of relatives and friends.

Visitors to Bali only should plan not to arrive at or depart from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport on Nyepi Day, March 9th  2016 as all of Bali closes down for this day of reflection and introspection, which is the Hindu New Year.

Visitors who are on the Island on this day are asked to respect the beliefs of the local inhabitants and stay in their dwellings or hotels. Just chill out. No cars or any other vehicles will be allowed on the streets excepting only emergency vehicles.

During the same period, New Year is observed in India, in North India (Chaitra Sudha 1), Ugadi (Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka), Gudi Padwa (Maharashtra) and Cheti Chand (Sindhi Community).


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