News Media in Indonesia


The official news agency of the government of Indonesia.

The Jakarta Post
The journal of Indonesia today provides current Indonesian news.
The Jakarta Globe
English-language daily printed in Jakarta.

Newspapers in Bahasa Indonesia
Kompas Newspaper
Daily news.
Surya online
Indonesia News.
Tempo Interaktif
Magazine with online news from Indonesia.

Bali Post
Bisnis Indonesia
Inside Indonesia
Jawa Post
Kompas Cyber Media
Media Indonesia Online
Pikiran Rakyat
Republika Online
Suara Pembaharuan
Tempo Online

Bali Post online -

Newspapers in English
Antara-Online – English Version;  Bali Advertiser;  Bali & Beyond;  Bali Plus On-line;  Indonesia Post;  Surf Time – On-line Magazine;  Tempo Interactive – English Version;  The Bali Times Online;  The Beat – Entertainment Magazine;  The Jakarta Post;  The Yak Magazine

Business News
Bisnis Indonesia
Business and finance (English/Indonesian).
Indonesia Japan Business News Online (English).

International News
Indonesia Post
Indonesia News by World News Network.

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI)
Public, operates six national networks provides online news in English and Indonesian.

Public Stations

Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI)
TVRI operates two networks (Indonesian).

Private Stations
Rajawali Citra TV Indonesia (RCTI)
Surya Citra Televisi Indonesia (SCTV)
Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (TPI)


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