Best Weddings in Kuta

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bali team

Getting married soon? Wondered what a wedding on Bali would be like? Is it possible? Well, it IS possible and weddings have become part of Bali life. It matters not what faith, there are priests and imams, or civil officials who will do you the honours.

Many Bali hotels offer their services, and some have their own wedding chapels. They also have dedicated wedding teams who will arrange everything. All you have to do is see to a few documents in your home country.Dresses, suits, hairdo and make-up, ceremony, catering, flowers and transport will all be arranged, right down to (or up to) your elephant taxi to the altar in the case of Taro.Have a look through our wedding pages and see just what CAN be done to make your big day the most memorable event of your life, right on the sunny, beautiful, tropical island of Bali. Many hotels offer packages which include family members attending. You could even take over a complete collection of private villas and be very private - just a family affair.