Bali Beach Games an All-day Success

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Looking back on a year of sport in Bali with Bali Sports Foundation

"Sport changes lives". You’ve heard the expression before, but it came home to me very poignantly at the Bali Beach Games on Sunday when a young man told me how he was going “off the rails” and that getting involved in sport had pulled him back from the brink.

Now that is just a side-line story, doubtless true for many young people, but the main reasons people get involved in one sport or another are the feeling of fitness, and in the case of team sport, the camaraderie of the team, and this applies at practice, during games, and afterwards. Most spectator sports can also involve the family. What is better for a father than to hear a son or daughter’s voice joining the wife from the sidelines shouting encouragement? Of course sporting mothers also need some cheering.

Sport can also bring new meaning and a feeling of worth to handicapped people, and nobody has done more for this cause, and sport in general in Bali, than Rodney Holt, the main mover behind much of what goes on in the clubs and on the sports fields of Bali.

So what a pleasure it was to see handicapped local people involved in the Bali Beach Games on Sunday at Pantai Mertasari (that’s Mertasari Beach) at the bottom of Jalan Pengembak, South Sanur.

The Games ran from 7:00 to well beyond 17:00 when the 5-a-side finalists competed for the winning title.  Handicapped people competed in Wheel-chair Basketball, then later in the bench-press. One could only marvel at the courage and determination of these young men trying to lift the heaviest weights, while strapped to the bench for support and safety.

Teams from  and the USA competed in soccer, rugby, cricket and volley-ball games throughout the day. Strong rivalry on the sand pitches was followed by hand-shakes and hugs, when competitors realised “it was only a game”.

5-a-side soccer on the beach

2013 Bali Beach Games Results

Beach Soccer Final.

After several games during the day, sometimes on 2 separate pitches, the final was played between 2 Singapore clubs.

SCC (Singapore Cricket Club) beat Team Friendly (SIN 5 :2)

Wheelchair Basketball 3 on 3  Final

Mitrais 15  beat Aneka 10 

Beach Cricket  Final Standings

Junior High Boys

1 SMPN 11 Denpasar

2 SMP Nasional

3 SMPN 6 Denpasar

Open Girls 

1 Gianyar

2 Denpasar

3 Badung

Senior High Boys

1 Bali Sports Foundation

2 SMKN 3 Denpasar

3 SMAN 5 Denpasar

Basketball on the tar

Quadrathlon Results

Name Age Time Position Remark
Barry Williamson 36 1.12.25 1st  
Bangun Putra Agun 19 1.21.38 2nd  
Ngurah Oman 34 1.25.45 3rd  
Gede Cakra 30 1.28.39 1st Junior
Rahmat Alam Semesta 12 1.29.49 2nd Junior
Dewa Putra 39 1.36.30 3rd Junior
Angus Walker 35 1.26.31 1st Senior
Kingsley Bugarin 45 1.31.52 2nd Senior
Richard Voss - 1.98.07 3rd Senior


Stefanie Citrajaya +3 team members 1.55.26

Bench Press Results

Woman 1. Wayan Wartini 37.5 kg
Male 1. Wayan Sugianto 105 kg
  2. Gede Suantaka 90 kg
  3. Vincentus Opaf 80 kg
Open 1. Brendan 90 kg
  2. Ben 70 kg
  3. Jarl 60 kg


Para-Games candidate does bench press

That ends a busy year for the Bali Sports Foundation in 2013, which started with the U14 Road to Singapore Soccer 6's on 24th March and the BSF Junior Karate Tournament on 2nd April.

17th - 18th May saw the U14 Tour to Singapore and  25th May – 1st June the 2nd Bali International Cricket Twenty/20

1st June was the 4th Coaltrans Soccer 6's and 2nd June Coaltrans Cricket 6's.

7th July saw the 4th Bali Ocean Swim at Kuta, and 11th – 14th July the historic1st Bali ParaGames.

9th – 11th August  saw crowds being entertained on Sanur Beach in the 8th Bali HOTAIR! Kitesurf.

After a lull in the hotter months, the 1st Bali International Stick Fighting Challenge & Special Needs      Martial Arts Seminar took place on 9th November and theBSF Special Needs Swimming Carnival on 23rd November.

Finally, Bali just experienced the 1st Bali Beach Games on 30th November – 1stDecember. All participants want to see a continuation next year.

Sports to look forward to in 2014 BSF Events :      

6th July  -  5th Bali Ocean Swim

24th – 27th July -  2nd Bali ParaGames

2nd – 3rd August  -  5th Bali International Charity Soccer Sixes.

If you are young and sporty, or just young at heart, get in contact with one of the Sports Clubs either direct or through Rodney Holt on 08 11 388 766.  Rodney can probably do with some trainers and referees. If you are past chasing a ball or lifting the weights. Come and lend a hand.

If you have some spare cash doing nothing, it can be put to good use for equipment, transport and many other avenues connected with sports. Remember that many young people on the Island are just waiting to get involved but don’t have the financial means. Go on, give them a hand-up! You might even be encouraging a future Olympic champion representing Indonesia.

More photos here.

Rodney congratulates the only woman bench-presser - Wayan Wartini